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    My passion is sharing my Love for Photography and Life. In this blog I will feature valuable News and Techniques about Photography, Photoshop, Printing, Presentation, Marketing and Preservation Framing. I hope you enjoy it and encourage you to make comments. Please do not hesitate to make any requests of your needs.

    Randy Hufford
    M.photog., CR, PPA certified, Digital Print Master, Photographic Artist

Randy Hufford Art at Seabury Crafts Fair

May 08 2010 Seabury Crafts Fair was such a great event! Best selling art was Jacaranda trees titled “Upcountry Bliss” Jaws surfing photo titled “Goin Left” and a BetterLight pano scan (www.betterlight.com) of Big Island titled “Coconut Stampede” The key to our presentation is the Flourish display with mesh walls that let you easily hang art with design. www.flourish.com

Randy Hufford Art

Flourish Display at its finest

July 27, 2015 - 8:36 am

jamie bonfiglio Hi, What did you use to hang your art on your tent walls?

March 31, 2012 - 10:44 am

Ben Tebbens Love the info and this shot showing how you displayed your canvas’. All these little tid bits really help!! Thanks so much, Ben. Trying to get into the canvas sales…actually any sale. Just starting. Put my last coat of the Eco Print Shield on my first canvas shots, (2) they really look great;)

Celebrating 25 Years of Art Reproduction Experience

I am celebrating 25 years of Art Reproduction. That’s right, I know I do not look old enough but it has been 25 years of being on the cutting edge of reproducing art. My first experiences were capturing art with 35mm film on transparency film. Than on to a Hasselblad capturing 2 1/4 transparencies. The next major step was a Sinar 8×10, capturing 8×10 transparencies. I still use this Sinar today as a 4×5 camera coupled with Super 6k BetterLight Scan Back. www.betterlight.com The quality exceeds what I use to capture with 8×10 film. The key to accurate capture is the combination of the BetterLight sacnning software “View Finder” and a custom Camera ICC Profile that I build using X-Rite’s ProfileMaker 5 and the X-Rite’s ColorChecker Digital SG

I also do some capturing with my DSLR which is a Canon 5D markII. I use this camera with a Canon 50mm Macro f2.5. I shoot in RAW and make a custom camera profile using X-Rite’s ColorChecker Passport.  I mostly use this for web scans and smaller reproductions. It works great for impressionist art. The color accuracy is TOTALLY Amazing!!

To complete my copy set up I utilize a Copy wall and Copy Lights built by R and R Copy Systems http://randrcopysystems.com/ This was designed and engineered by my Dad, utilizing my trials and experience copying art. This is a great solution for Hanging and Lighting Art.

The canvas output (shown in Photo) was done on a Canon IPF9100 60″ printer using Canon’s Lucia Ink set. Final output size was 66×54 which made a 60×48 final sized Gallery wrap. Link To Ink Longevity

Link to Canon IPF 9100

The Canvas is Matte Canvas from Premier Imaging Products using Eco Print Shield for canvas Protection and Longevity.

Premier Matte Canvas

Eco Print Shield

I managed the printer profile by making a custom RGB profile using X-Rite’s ProfileMaker 5 Platinum Pro Bundle and X-Rite’s i1iO table.

Art and canvas reproduction  "Garden of Eden" 60x48

"Garden of Eden" 60x48 Original Art and Canvas Reproduction with Randy holding a BetterLight Scan Back

May 14, 2010 - 7:06 am

Randy This is a custom built light banks by R and R Copy systems check them out at http://www.randrcopysystems.com

March 23, 2010 - 10:42 am

Matt Whitaker Nice setup Randy! What kind of lighting is that you’re using there?

March 22, 2010 - 5:44 pm

photobugjb Happy 25 Th. Randy. I hope I look as good as you do when I get to be your age.


Canon releases 3 new printers

March 6 2010 Canon releases 3 new printers. 8300, 6300, 6350 with a new Lucia EX ink set. Henry Wilhelm, from www.wilhelm-reasearch.com, says that it is the biggest breakthrough since the introduction of ink jet printing. The New Lucia EX ink set with virtually no color bronzing, larger color gamut, improved scratch resistance, smoother color graduation, greater detail in the blacks, precision dot placement for even greater detail and a new media configuration that allows use of any manufacturer media. Eddie Tapp, http://eddietapp.com/blog/ Director of Education at Institute of Visual Arts Maui says: this printer and new ink set are AMAZING, it even features a account manager that allows you to know exact cost for ink and media used for any job that you print! Uncompromised Creative Expression!

New Canon Printer

Big Print of Big Wave for Davey’s Big Birthday

Yes what else would be the ultimate gift but a Big Canvas Print of a Big Jaws Wave . Today Davey Kristjanson (A Helicopter Mechanic with LA Sheriff depatment) is celebrating his 45 birthday by going BIG. Davey report’s that the only problem with this Big RandyHuffordArt canvas of Jaws titled “Goin Left” is that everything in the room gets wet. Haha!

Goin Left Big Canvas bt RandyHuffordArt.com

Goin Left Big Canvas by RandyHuffordArt.com

File Preperation for Large Prints

I recently installed a Canon IPF9100 60″ printer. My workflow up until now was to use the native file that came out of my Canon 5D mark 2. But I have found noticeably better output when interpolating file to a larger DPI than the native file. I have tried all of the algorithms in photoshop (under image size) and found that Bi-cubic Smoother (best for enlargements) works best from the 5 choices in Photoshop. But today I also tried Alien Skin software titled Blow Up 2. http://www.alienskin.com/ It is a little hard to see in my jpegs since I had to down sample files to make viewable on the web. But Blowup does have an advantage. First it comes with a large selection of presets where the programmer has taken out the guess work. These presets work great! I used 40×60 gloss inkjet for this example. It also comes with some other controls that really make it nice: Sharpen edges, Add grain, preserve natural texture, Remove Compression artifacts and a tool for sharpening for your output device. I really like this software and would recommend using it if you do any large prints. It really does a better job in detailed areas and highlights. Notice how much smoother surfers arm is using Blowup. It does make a difference.

Big Blow ups of Big Waves

Big Blow ups of Big Waves: Native file from a Canon 5D mark2

Here are examples of differnt interpolation results

Here are examples of differnt interpolation results