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Hi my name is Randy Hufford; I was born in 1957 at Queen of the Angels Hospital in Los Angeles, California. I am a third generation Artist and Photographer who has been blessed with a long lineage of family artists. My grandmother studied art in Paris. Her works of art centered around oil painting on canvas. My Dad is a master carpenter with the ability to make fine furniture using exotic hardwoods. My Mom has excelled in many arts and crafts and has mastered the art of quilting. Growing up in this environment has given me a passionate ability to become part of the beauty of the world around me. At the age of 9, my uncle and father helped me set up my first black and white darkroom where I learned the art of photography. The excitement I experienced when I saw my first BW 8x 10 prints being developed under a red safelight in the dark is what initially sparked my passion for photography. My camera allowed me to blast through those awkward years of Junior High by being involved in the school’s yearbook program. I was always allowed to be a part of the different groups at school because everyone wanted their pictures published. But it was more than being popular that kept me pursuing photography as a way of life. It was passion for life through the lens of my camera. In High School, my family moved to Dana Point, California, where I discovered surfing and skateboarding. My love for surfing, skateboarding and shooting 35mm color slide film enabled me to become a publicized artist at the age of 17. Many of my High School buddies would find empty swimming pools and use them as skate parks where my photography became part of this sporting event. In order to set my photography apart from other sports photographers of the time, I convinced my friends to don tuxedos to create a flash filled surrealistic freeze image that was unique for its time. I have always been passionate for excellence and new exciting ways to create mind blowing images. My marriage to my wife Rebecca in 1977 further fueled my passion for excellence. For our honeymoon we moved to Maui, opting out of normal living conditions and moved into a camper on a Datsun pickup where the surfing was good. Swimming in shark infested Hawaiian surf at night, I captured surfers frozen in motion with a strobe in a custom built waterproof housing. As a result the editorial “Night Moves” published in Surfing Magazine brought me overnight international acclaim. I was than recognized as having progressed surfing photography to new levels in the seventies. As my passion for photography increased, I decided to open up a Commercial and Art Reproduction photo lab on the island of Maui. This 26 year endeavor enabled me to process film and print images for top photographers and artist’s worldwide. I was a very prolific commercial photographer working for such clients as Mercedes Benz, Time Magazine, Sheraton Hotels, Hyatt Regency, Kobe Steakhouse, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Charisma Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Professional Photographers of America and Peterson’s Photographic Magazine. Thru this experience I earned my Master’s Degree in Photography thru Professional Photographers of America. I developed my own proprietary light banks and copy system used for even lighting and accuracy when copying artwork for reproduction. This allowed me to perform Art reproduction services, doing 8x10 copy transparencies and limited edition Cibachromes and Metal dye prints, for international artists such as Christian Riece Lassen, Walfrido Garcia, Roy Tabora and Robert Lyn Nelson to name a few. The one thing I really missed most during this time was being able to create images of my own. So I started the slow process of weaning himself from being a lab owner to being Randy Hufford, “Romance Photographer. This was an easy task with the emergence of the digital age. I basically took 5 million dollars of lab equipment to the dump! I than began to set up a digital lab for a fraction of the investment made compared to the analog system. With the help of my wife, I was able to go from 16 employees to my own private 3000 square foot studio where my creativity exploded. This freed up more of my time to concentrate more on what I loves most, Randy Hufford “Romance Photographer”, creating exciting images that encourage and bring awesome memories. As the results of the knowledge I have gained over the 26 years of running a top commercial and art reproduction house, I have become a speaker at international and national imaging conventions. This has also lead to professional consulting services to International imaging Companies such as Epson America, Olympus Digital Cameras, Premier Imaging Products and Pristine Coatings Inc. My willingness to share my knowledge in these areas has allowed me to earn my degree as a Photographic Craftsmen. As I have found out in life that the more you give out the more you get blessed. Considering Photography as an art and a craft the photographer should have control of the whole process from the photograph’s inception to the finished art piece. As a result I have created “Institute Of Visual Arts” ( dedicated to educate artist and photographers, giving them the ability to take control of the image. I also know that my imagery has the power to encourage people in their walk of life. I love using my knowledge to inspire others to pursue excellence. In all of the history of photography right now is the greatest and most exciting time, the Technology Of Digital has made it possible and affordable for photographers and artist to take control of there craft from the beginning to the end. The most exciting part of my life is living out my dream on Maui in a quaint little rural area called Kula with my wife Rebecca and my two teenage daughters, Stephanie and Melissa. My two oldest children have married and live on the mainland. Kyle and his wife Daisy live in Long Beach CA. As a legacy to my artistic endeavors, my son Kyle is a creative digital genius working for Quiksilver a clothing Manufacturer in Huntington Beach CA. My daughter Jennifer and her husband Josh, who is in full time ministry doing digital video editing in Las Vegas have given me my first Grand Daughter Ruthie, who will be 5 in October of 2005. They now call me grandpa! I also enjoy water sports, which includes my newest thrill Zap-Catting. It is an inflatable catamaran racing boat designed to race in large surf. I have been using it for more great photo opportunities. I attribute my success to the love and respect that I have for God and to my beautiful wife who has believed in me since we first met in 1976. My vision for the future is that my Digital art and photography can inspire you, your family and your sphere of influence to go to the next level of creativity in your life.

HDR Rocks

I love the control you have when using HDR for a commercial Application. This is a example of using HDR to gives a illustrative look but still photographic experience of an Exterior. If you are in Wailuku check out this business that sells everything made with Bamboo for building. It also features a gallery of […]

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September 9, 2010 - 8:04 am

Randy Hi Bruce

I have a upcoming Speed of Light class featuring Adobe Lightroom training. Oahu

Saturday, October 9th, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $99 for a 4 hour hands on class from 1pm to 5pm

Location Makani Kai Helicopters at 130 Iolana Place, Honolulu

Click here to read Class description Oahu

September 8, 2010 - 8:26 pm

Bruce Miyoda Hi Randy! We met at the Maui Photo Festival. I’m in Honolulu. Enjoy your site very much and would be interested in any workshops you have in Honolulu! Take care!

Bruce Miyoda

West Coast Art and Frame Show Las Vegas

We are returning to WCAF show in Las Vegas: For more info go to T900  Introduction to Adobe® Photoshop® for Framers Monday, January 25, 2010 : 9am – 11:30am T905A  The Perfect Print: Session A: Equipment and Scanning Sunday, January 24, 2010 : 1pm – 2pm T905B  The Perfect Print: Session B: Ink Jet Media and Finishing Sunday, […]

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Show Large Prints= Sell Large Prints

Check out a few of my new releases Printed large!!! It is a known fact that if you print large you will sell large. Customers have to see it, than they want it! Want to get more money for your prints, well print them bigger!!

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Jaws second day of the Big Surf

I have had so many questions about Jaws, so now I am attempting  to address all of the questions. Yes I shot these pictures of the surf spot named Jaws on the North Shore of Maui. Jaws is a big wave surf spot. It does not even break until the surf exceeds 20 feet or […]

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Jaws Maui Surf is Overhead

Wow Maui has so many photographic experiences!!! Check Out the surf spot named Jaws on Maui, The largest and best surf today in all of Hawaii. How big do you think it is?

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