Printing Canvas: Why and How to Apply A Protective Coating

Why do you want to add a protective coating to your canvas if the canvas is already water resistant? Longevity is the number one reason. Another reason is that it stops the cracking when you do a gallery wrap. All of your edges will not crack after applying Eco Print Shield. Read these 2 PDF’s by Independent Testing by Henry Wilhelm and also to see scientific and practical reasons why. Eco Print Shield can be applied with a spray gun, roller or brush. In these 2 videos I demonstrate simple technique for rolling Eco Print Shield on to Canvas. Please give your comments on your techniques and your success rolling or spraying Eco Print Shield. Thank You. Also see the Software-Cinema Training set I authored at

by Randy

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March 31, 2012 - 7:35 am

Ben Tebbens Scott, thanks so much for the fabulous video tutorial!! Such great great information.

I was a bit confused about what you said at the end about the last coat determining the “sheen”. I looked back at your first video and it appeared that you used the “satin” for the first coat which I bought and am actually waiting on it to dry as I type this. Is there another product that you would suggest to use for the first and second coats? I am actually looking for a finished “satin” coat. I was a little confused about that part.

Lastly is there a “drying” time between coats, how do I know when it’s ready to apply the second coat? I may have missed that…thanks so so much for this great info. Wishing you the very best, Ben Tebbens.

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