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    My passion is sharing my Love for Photography and Life. In this blog I will feature valuable News and Techniques about Photography, Photoshop, Printing, Presentation, Marketing and Preservation Framing. I hope you enjoy it and encourage you to make comments. Please do not hesitate to make any requests of your needs.

    Randy Hufford
    M.photog., CR, PPA certified, Digital Print Master, Photographic Artist

NaPua Gallery’s Full Moon Review

Tomorrow evening, join us for a very special event. NaPua Gallery’s Full Moon Review; “You are Your Art” where all guests are encouraged to wear what inspires them. Enjoy complimentary valet parking, delicious dessert, refreshing beverages, and most importantly the artwork we are all here to appreciate. This is an open event for all who enjoy art. For more information, please call us. We look forward to entertaining evening with you.

Great Maui Images

Check out a new slide show program I have been using. Want to know how I made it?

September 11, 2010 - 8:26 am

Randy Hi Bryn

It is called FotoMagico 3 by Boinx. Eddie Tapp turned me on to it. I got the pro version which also includes PhotoPresenter 4. Check them out at http://www.boinx.com/

September 10, 2010 - 6:46 pm

Bryn Pro Show Gold? Nice slideshow. I’ve been looking for better slideshow software myself, so I do in fact want to know how you did it.

Adobe LightRoom Up To Speed Class by Randy Hufford

Adobe LightRoom Up To Speed  Class by Randy Hufford

Saturday Sept. 11th, 2010
Contact: Institute of Visual Arts Maui • 3697 Lower Kula Rd. Kula, HI
808-878-4154 • www. ivamaui.com • becky@ivamaui.com
Cost: $99 for a 4 hour hands on class from 1pm to 5pm

Everyone has been requesting classes on Saturday so you could attend without missing work. So here is a Saturday class, What do you Think?

Everyone is also requesting that we educate in more manageable blocks, as compared to  day training where your brain can not absorb all of the info. So we have made this class to be 4 hours of intensive training with additional classes for more advanced training, What do you think?

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™ is the key to what industry experts are calling the
“new digital workflow.” Now you can learn exactly how to get started, and see how
Photoshop Lightroom can help you achieve the quickest, easiest workflow imaginable!
Randy Hufford, Master Photographer and director of Institute of Visual Arts Maui, walks
you through the basic process – from start to finish – and shows you how to get the best
possible images in record time. Randy has taught thousands of people worldwide how
to achieve the “new digital workflow,” and now he’s offering a personalized hands on
workshop. These 4 hours of instruction will save you hundreds of hours of frustration
later. Class size is limited so reserve your spot now. 808-878-4154

Click Here to Read Class Outline and requirments

Click Here to Read about all of the New features in Adobe Lightroom 3

Photo Adventure Maui Captures Satellite Laser

During our July Photo Adventure Maui we had the chance to see in action a laser used by NASA to track Satellites to make sure that they are staying on track. This laser rapid fires a laser at satellites and measures the time it takes to bounce the laser light back to the observatory. Really cool stuff. This on Maui at the top of Haleakala Summit at 10,000 feet elevation. I used a Canon 5Dmark2 with a Canon EF 24-70mm L USM  lens at 1600 iso f2.8 at 30 second exposure. Really great example of Night Photography and Star Photography.

Night Photography

Haleakala Summit Observatory Laser Tracking Station

Traveling With A Canon Wide Format Printer

We have been island hopping for Canon teaching a Printing Tips and techniques class. It started on Maui than Oahu and Today on Kauai. Than next week again on Maui with opportunity to sign up for a Hands On 5 days workshop on Maui. This will be followed by Randy Hufford’s 5 day Digital Printing Workshop. This class will be offered 4 times a year.

Traveling with a Canon Wide Format Printer

Randy Hufford’s Digital Printing Workshop
Master Printer and Author of the DVD training series “The Perfect Print” Randy Hufford will mentor you with all of the latest tips and techniques to take your printing to a whole new level. He will cover everything from a to z to produce high quality archival digital prints. This is a 5 day hands on class where you will learn steps from a master printer how to get quality predictable results. This workshop is a pre-requisite for the Randy Hufford Digital Mentoring Program. Class is limited to 6 students. Cost for class is $1495.

It will include these subjects:
Ink and Media
How to choose a printer Canon vs Epson vs HP
Manufacturer printer drivers vs. third party RIP
What is a third party rip
Image Print RIP
Soft proofing
Print matching
Monitor profiling
Monitor optimization
X-Rite ColorMunki
X-Rite I1photo
What is a profile? Printer profiling
Custom Building a printer profile
Hand reading Patches
Automated patch reading
Preparing files to print
What Res should I print at?
Reducing noise
Color balance
Enhancement Techniques
Shooting for Photoshop
Processing these images in Photoshop and Photomatix
How to choose which inkjet media to best match your application
The Manufacturing Process of medias
Printing on Canvas Media
Printing on Fine Art media
Printing on Watercolor media
Fine Art Prints
Hand tearing fine art prints
Benefits of hand tearing prints
Finishing solutions for fine art prints
Setting your self apart from the competition Mounting solutions
• Pro Edge framing solution
Gallery wrap
Photoshop technique to produce a gallery wrap
Automated solutions
Coating Canvas
Hand rolling
Art Coatings – brush-on, spray-on, roll-on
Preservation framing techniques for canvas and fine art prints
Mounting on fomecore, gatorboard and acrylic
Stretching Canvas
Stretcher bars
Gallery wrap vs. Standard stretcher bar
Hand stretch a canvas
Automated Stretching Machine
Finishing touches
Marketing and selling your printing services
As a Artist/Photographer
As a service Bureau
Ways to Increase your sales and print volume
Negotiating with Galleries and other venues
Limited Editions
How to set up a Limited Edition
Making your own Certificate of Authenticity
How to use this tool to increase value of your prints
Why is a portfolio so valuable?
Presentation ideas for Portfolio’s
Getting your images and services in front of qualified clients
Gathering names of Fine Art Photography collectors
How your portfolio can increase your client base
This 5 day total immersion workshop includes daily lunches and lab fee to produce 18×24 gallery wrap on 1 1/2” bars, 2-11×14 Museum Quality portfolio prints, coatings and all supplies needed to produce these prints, packaging to ready prints for shipping.

Hours are 10am – 5pm
Lunch break at 1pm food provided by Chef Rebecca

First morning meet at 8am at Grandma’s Coffee in Keokea – this breakfast included in registration fee.

Equipment needed:
Laptop computer loaded with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher, and Photomatix
External Hard Drive loaded with images to use in class
1 GB or larger jump or flash drive

Call, fax, or email NOW to sign up for this once in a lifetime experience.
Phone – 808.878.4154
Fax – 866.335.2146
email – becky@ivamaui.com